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Roland Linder Driving School, Uvalde TX

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By Roland Linder & Angie Redpath

The Roland Linder Driving School experience will require minimal planning by the student and reward each student the relaxation of a luxurious get-way while providing students the desired benefits of improved driving skills.  Taking place at the Continental Proving Grounds. Our Driving experience will provide students improved driving skills which can be applied in closed course enthusiast motorsport events where skill, car control and precision will enhance student’s overall driving experiences.

Driving Instruction: Students will garner driving skills through strategic and well developed exercises and learning of the basic fundamentals to advanced driving. Roland Linder Driving School Students will gain an understanding of car physics, the impact of car reactions, and new car technologies. Introductory instruction will include driver safety, proper sitting position, line, braking, and learning of the track. Technical instruction will provide students instruction to increase their ability to maintain car control, upshifting and downshifting techniques, entrance and exit of a turn, and how to effectively determine the correct apex – early, centre, or late. Improved skill, proper understanding of car physics and greater driver confidence will provide successful students a much safer and cleaner long-term driving experience.

Luxury Package: luxurious resort style features combined with the enjoyment of local traditions and amenities. Student will do minimal planning for their stay and each Roland Linder Driving School student entrance fee includes town-car transportation to and from the airport (SAT – San Antonio, Texas), Student welcoming upon check-in, on-site hosting for the duration of school events, best available in the area accommodations, full-day of track instruction, catered meals – fine dining, limo/bus transportation to and from the track, awards ceremony, driving diploma, and commemorative keepsakes.

Safety Apparel, Car Usage and Closed Course: Students receive one (1) full day of driving instruction on closed course at Continental Proving Grounds Uvalde TX. Driver track suites, helmets and all required safety apparel usage will be provided for each student.

Package pricing and details coming soon.